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Aloe Vera juice: the ultimate healthy drink

Aloe Vera Juice seems to have endless benefits. This drink is incredibly good for your body or your skin. But where does it come from? First uses of Aloe Vera date back to 5000 years ago to early Egyptian times. At the times, it used to treat burns, abrasions, psoriasis and other skin conditions. It… Continue reading Aloe Vera juice: the ultimate healthy drink


Hummus, a popular dish in our fridge!

It is the beige dip that launched a thousand picnics, and British people cannot seem to get enough of it. A survey has shown that 41% of us have a pot in the fridge. Almost twice as many as the other European countries. This exotic blend of chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice and tahini become a… Continue reading Hummus, a popular dish in our fridge!



About a month ago Hummus Bros. celebrated the International Hummus Day, which was created by young entrepreneur Ben Lang in 2012. This year, once again celebrate Middle Eastern cuisine with International Falafel Day, Lang’s second holiday creation. Indeed, the world celebrates International Falafel Day on June 12 - and this year's event is bigger than ever… Continue reading INTERNATIONAL FALAFEL DAY